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About Premiere Dead Sea

Premier Dead Sea Laboratories adheres to the philosophy of bringing together the magnificent natural resources of the Dead Sea phenomenon and advanced scientific technology to deliver their benefits in a small cosmetic package. All cosmetic products undergo repeated quality control in an independent scientific and cosmetic laboratory.


The formula...

The high quality of the products is mainly due to our strict criteria. We are one of only two companies in the entire world that have legal access to the Dead Sea and we extract the minerals directly from its miraculous waters with great responsibility. As we extract the precious salts, water, black mineral mud and precious Dunaliella algae from the waters of the Dead Sea, we take care to leave the environment exactly as we found it. In addition, we select only natural products that are organically grown without chemicals. All extracts and oils we source are cold pressed to ensure that the purity of the ingredients remains intact and unaltered. We have chosen not to test our cosmetics on animals and not to use animal extracts in any of our formulas.


Science above cosmetics...

Thanks to the best scientists working for us, as well as the most advanced production technologies and laboratories in which we work, Premier Dead Sea creates a completely innovative line of cosmetics. Scientificly – Premier Dead Sea's research team has been using the secrets of the Dead Sea for 20 years to perfect the cosmetics we produce. Despite the worldwide success of Premier, the development of cosmetics does not stop here, and so in 2013 the new SUPREME line was created, which brings together the latest trends in skin care with the greatest innovations and newly discovered ingredients to achieve even more stunning results.

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Premier Dead Sea is an international brand that you can find in over 40 countries.


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